Breakfast Club students treble over 5 years

Over 22,000 students have used the services of the Breakfast Club offered by the Ministry for Education since 2014. The cumulative cost of the Breakfast club has breached the €5 million mark. This service gives the opportunity for students to have a healthy breakfast before school commences, as well as interact with other students through play and other activities. It is open to primary school students whose parents are in employment.

Replying to a PQ tabled by government whip Byron Camilleri, Minister Evarist Bartolo said that the Breakfast club started in 2014 with 2,433 students. It grew steadily and in the scholastic year 2018/19, the number of students had all but trebled into 6,636. If one were to calculate an average cost, this would sum up to €22 per child, even if this is just a rough number given inflation and other costs which have to be factored in.

Scolastic Year                            Expense 

2014-2015                                                                                            €438,988.52

2015-2016                                                                                            €685,522.32

2016-2017                                                                                            €965,939.45

2017-2018                                                                                            €1,119,383.22

2018-2019                                                                                            €1,308,148.62

Funds to schools April 2014-June 2019                                           €558,436.48

Total                                                                                                       €5,076,418.61