BOV Water Polo Senior Male fixtures

Date Time   WhitevsBlue
Tue25/08/202018:15 Cross OversMD7 B’Bugia Malta Freeport A 2NDVExiles Ferretti B 3RD
Tue25/08/202019:20 Cross OversMD7Valletta Izibet B 4THVM’Skala Fish N Fish A 6TH
Wed26/08/202019:05 Cross OversMD7San Giljan TUM Invest B 1STVSirens Mecca Marine A 3RD
Wed26/08/202020:10 Cross OversMD7Neptunes WPSC A 1STVSliema Frank Salt B 2ND
Fri28/08/202018:15 Cross OversMD8Sliema Frank Salt B 2NDVB’Bugia Malta Freeport A 2ND
Fri28/08/202019:20 Cross OversMD8Sirens Mecca Marine A 3RDVExiles Ferretti B 3RD
Sat29/08/202018:10 Cross OversMD8 Neptunes WPSC A 1STVSan Giljan TUM Invest B 1ST
Sat29/08/202019:15 Cross OversMD8M’Skala Fish N Fish A 6THVOtters Nivea B 5TH
Mon31/08/202018:15 Cross OversMD7Valletta Izibet B 4THVM’Xlokk Brown’s A 4TH
Mon31/08/202019:20 Cross OversMD6San Giljan TUM Invest B 1stvB’Bugia Malta Freeport A 2nd 
Mon31/08/202020:25 Cross OversMD8Otters Nivea B 5THVTa’ Xbiex A 5TH
Tue01/09/202018:15Premier DivRd 1MD 95thv6th
Wed02/09/202018:00First DivRd 1MD 9 4thV5th
Wed02/09/202019:05First DivRd 1MD 9 2ndV3rd
Wed02/09/202020:10Premier DivRd 1MD 92ndv3rd
Fri04/09/202018:15First DivRd 1MD10 3rdV5th
Fri04/09/202019:20First DivRd 1MD101stV4th
Sat05/09/202017:05Premier DivRd 1MD104thv6th
Sat05/09/202018:10Premier DivRd 1MD101stv3rd
Mon07/09/202018:15First DivRd 1MD11 1stV5th
Mon07/09/202019:20First DivRd 1MD11 2ndV4th
Tue08/09/202018:15Premier DivRd 1MD114thv6th
Tue08/09/202019:20Premier DivRd 1MD111stv2nd
Wed09/09/202018:15First DivRd 1MD12 2ndV5th
Wed09/09/202019:20First DivRd 1MD12 1stV3rd
Thu10/09/202018:15 PO1 – PremierMatch 13rdV6th
Thu10/09/202019:20 PO2 – PremierMatch 14thV5th
Fri11/09/202018:15First DivRd 1MD133rdV4th
Fri11/09/202019:20First DivRd 1MD131stV2nd
Sat12/09/202017:05 PO1 – PremierMatch 2 6thV3rd
Sat12/09/202018:10 PO2 – PremierMatch 2 5thV4th 
Mon14/09/202018:15 PO3 – 1stMatch 1 3rdV4th
Mon 14/09/202019:20 PO4 – 1stMatch 1 2ndV5th
Tue15/09/202018:15 PO1 – PremierMatch 33rdV6th
Tue15/09/202019:20 PO2 – PremierMatch 34thV5th
Wed16/09/202018:15 PO 3 – 1stMatch 24thV3rd
Wed16/09/202019:20 PO4 – 1stMatch 2 5thV2nd
Thu17/09/202018:15 PO SF – PremierMatch 1 W PO1v2nd
Thu17/09/202019:20 PO SF – PremierMatch 11stVW PO2
Fri18/09/202018:15 PO3 – 1stMatch 3 3rdV4th
Fri18/09/202019:20PO4 – 1stMatch 3 2ndV5th
Sun20/09/202017:05 PO SF – PremierMatch 2 2ndVW PO1
Sun20/09/202018:10 PO SF – PremierMatch 2W PO2V1st
Tue22/09/202018:15 PO SF – 1stMatch 1 W PO4VW PO3
Wed23/09/202019:05 PO SF – PremierMatch 3 2ndVW PO1
Wed23/09/202020:10 PO SF – PremierMatch 3W PO2V1st
Thu24/09/202018:15 PO SF – 1stMatch 2 W PO3VW PO4
Sat26/09/202017:05 PO SF – 1stMatch 3 W PO4VW PO3
Date Time   WhitevsBlue
Tue29/09/202018:15 PO Final – 1stMatch 1 1stVW PO SF
Tue29/09/202019:20 PO Final – PremierMatch 1W PO SF2VW PO SF1
Thu01/10/202018:15 PO Final – 1stMatch 2 W PO SFV1ST
Thu01/10/202019:20 PO Final – PremierMatch 2W PO SF1VW PO SF2
Sat03/10/202017:05 PO Final – 1stMatch 3 1stVW PO SF
Sat03/10/202018:10 PO Final – PremierMatch 3W PO SF2VW PO SF1
Mon05/10/202018:15 1st KO QF    
Mon05/10/202019:20 Premier KO QF    
Mon05/10/202020:25 Premier KO QF    
Wed07/10/202018:15 KO SF – 1st    
Wed07/10/202019:20 KO SF – 1st    
Thu08/10/202018:15 KO SF – Premier    
Thu08/10/202019:20 KO SF – Premier    
Sun11/10/202017:00 KO Final – Women    
Sun11/10/202018:10 KO Final – 1st    
Sun11/10/202019:15 KO Final – Premier    

Please note the following:-

After Cross Overs: 
Premier Division split into Top 3 teams and Bottom 3 Teams. 1 Round to be played per section 
First Division play 1 Round – All 5 teams 
Points from Direct Encounters are carried forward for both divisions 
Play Offs: 
Premier Division: 1st and 2nd placed go direct to Semi Finals 
All Play Offs start at 0 – 0 
First Division:  1st placed go direct to Final 
All Play Offs start at 0 – 0 

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