BOV staff lend a hand to community to stay Safe@Home

BOV staff members are creating original and fun material during their own personal time, to share with the local community.

Lives have been disrupted. What was taken for granted is now something of the past or a distant future and everyone is learning to adapt to the new norm of staying home. 

While some have taken to the new reality relatively well, others have found this lifestyle tough and full of challenges, be it juggling home and work commitments, home-schooling, keeping children entertained, lack of social interaction or just keeping boredom at bay. 

BOV staff members have decided to do something about this – by lending a helping hand so the community can remain safe at home. Together they conceived BOV Safe@Home, an initiative where BOV staff members tap into their talent to create original and fun material during their own personal time, to share with the local community. 

Recipes, crafts, fitness, art and various other interests are just a few of the activities in the pipeline.

BOV staff members are producing videos from their own homes to share with others at home, with the strong belief that creativity has positive effects on mental health, helps develop new skills, and takes up some of the time that people may have on their hands. From a budding idea, this initiative has already grown, with more employees contributing by sharing their talents and hobbies with the local community.

A number of the bank’s partners, such as Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna, Teatru Manoel, The Malta Philharmonic Orchestra and Birdlife (Malta), immediately embarked on the BOV Safe @Home project. They will be collaborating with their own initiatives, shared through the bank’s channels to bring even more educational and fun activities to everyone’s home.

To be part of the BOV Safe @Home, you may follow the BOV Facebook page (bovofficial), BOV Instagram (bovbankofvalletta) or log on here.

This content was supplied by Bank of Valletta

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