BOV introduces measures to support personal customers


Bank of Valletta is introducing other measures aimed at assisting and supporting personal customers during these unprecedented times due to COVID-19.

The Bank’s supporting measures include:

  • Flexible moratoria: A minimum of 3 months moratorium on both capital and interest will be applied for home loans and personal loans. The length of the moratorium will be tailored according to customer’s situation and needs;
  • Increases in overdraft and credit card limits: Assistance will be provided to meet the short-term financial needs of customers through temporary increases in overdraft and credit card limits subject to eligibility criteria at no extra charge;
  • Waiver of fees: No fees will be charged on rescheduling of home loans and personal loans. Late repayment fees on late credit card repayments will also not be charged;
  • Extensions on drawdowns and utilisation of credit facilities: the Bank will entertain term extensions on drawdowns and utilisation of loans free of any charges. These extensions will also apply to the facilities featuring fixed term rates.

Customers who require more details about these measures should not visit the Bank’s branches but are kindly requested to send an email to specifying their request, ID number, mobile number and branch where they normally effect their banking. A BOV relationship officer will contact customers to provide the necessary assistance. Alternatively, customers may call on 2275 3500, Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm. Queries sent through email will have a faster response.

Further BOV information and updates on COVID-19 can be found here.

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