BOV Calendar greets decade in a riot of colour

Alfred Chircop

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If you want a riot of colour to enliven your office, look no further than the BOV calendar.

Bank of Valletta has, over the years, collected a vast selection of works of art by a large number of prominent and upcoming artists. The calendar makes good use of this wise banking investment and has utilised the artworks collected over the years.

‘Ilwien’ is the theme of Bank of Valletta’s 2020 calendar which pays tribute to some of the most prominent artists featured in this collection.

The calendar features a small selection of thirteen artworks by Frank Portelli, George Fenech, Anthony Calleja, Emvin Cremona, Victor Pasmore, Alfred Chircop, Harry Alden, Richard England, Raymond Pitre, Pawl Carbonaro Antoine Camilleri, and Marco Cremona. These present a mix of colours, techniques and topics ranging from abstract, landscapes and natural elements like the sun and the sea.

These works, some of which have never been displayed in public, will decorate tastefully any office as it enters the new decade.