“Both candidates for PN leadership race are unfit” – PL

PN Dr Bernard Grech Dr Adrian Delia

The Labour Party (PL) stated that both candidates running for the Nationalist Party (PN) Leadership race are unsuitable.

It stated this following the due diligence report published by the PN on both candidates, Adrian Delia and Bernard Grech. The report outlined that both candidates are suitable for the leadership role, while the PL is stating otherwise.

The party is saying that the conclusions of this report are premature and have no basis. There is also the fact that a 26-page report only dedicates 2 pages on Bernard Grech, and the fact that the report rests only on the media.

European Parliamentary Member Alex Agius Saliba also remarked that the experts publishing this report should have prefaced it by stating that they had a lack of time and resources. Furthermore, he pointed out the financial deficiencies of both Delia and Grech, pointing out that they both lied about their tax payments.