Watch: ‘Bored’ sports broadcaster’s hilarious commentary on his dogs goes viral

Stuck at home with little – or indeed no – live sports events to comment upon, Scottish BBC Sports broadcaster Andrew Cotter was a bit stumped. This is when he had a genial idea… to start commenting on the daily life of his two gorgeous labradors Olive and Mabel, as if he were at work.

His latest offering sees the two dogs ‘battling’ over a toy bone. Did Mabel manage to wrest the yearned-for toy away from the paws of the resilient Olive in this nail-biting ‘Game of Bones’? There is only one way to find out…

And if you want to see the video that sparked off the new-found fame of the two dogs, here it is. The off-camera voice of Cotter’s partner exhorting him to “Get on with it!” and Mabel’s happy wagging tail are definitely the highlights of this hilarious video.