Border controls should be based on advice from health authorities – Sassoli

Introducing internal border controls when not based on the advice or data from health authorities causes more harm than good, said EP President David Sassoli.

In a statement, Sassoli said that reinforcing controls at external borders of the EU, in line with rules and international obligations, can help ensure that the Schengen system works effectively. However, he added that not basing decisions on the advice from health authorities imposes major economic costs on the EU as a whole and prevents goods arriving where they are needed.

“We need to ensure the proper functioning of the Schengen area,” said Sassoli.

““Following Sunday’s appeal by the President of the European Commission, member state governments must stop limiting supplies of medical equipment within the EU and stop taking unilateral action to prevent free movement. This battle is Europe-wide and must be fought with strong coordination between governments and EU institutions.

“The challenges presented by the rapid spread of COVID-19, show that cooperation and solidarity are needed now more than ever. No effort will be spared to protect people’s health and help those in need. We need to ensure adequate production and supply of medical equipment, so it is available wherever it is needed in the EU. This virus does not respect any border, attempts to fight it alone will fail,” said the EP President.

According to Sassoli, solidarity, mutual trust, and sincere cooperation should guide our actions to fight against this pandemic.

The European Union’s executive on Monday proposed a 30-day ban on incoming travel to the bloc for foreigners to battle the spread of coronavirus.

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