Book Council chairman resigns from PL committee member

Facebook - Mark Camilleri

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Book Council chairman Mark Camilleri has resigned from his post as a town Partit Laburista committee member.

In a Facebook post, Camilleri expressed sadness and said that he ‘tried to effect radical change but has failed miserably, receiving instead a painful and crushing defeat’.

On Saturday paid up members of Partit Laburista voted to elect outgoing Joseph Muscat’s replacement. Backbencher and legal consultant to the government Robert Abela was elected as party leader. Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne failed to get elected even though he apparently enjoyed the trust of the government MPs.

Outgoing Prime Minister Joseph Muscat had announced in December after the arraignment of Daphne Caruana Galizia murder suspect, Electrogas director and 17 Black owner Yorgen Fenech, that he would quit. Progress in the murder investigation had led to the resignation of Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi and Muscat’s closest aide, Keith Schembri.

Writing on Facebook on Sunday morning, Camilleri said that he felt personally responsible for Fearne’s defeat in the leadership race. He noted that rebuilding the left in Partit Laburista will be incredibly difficult adding that: “We have been crushed.”

On Sunday morning, Fearne thanked those who supported him during the election run-up and said that he will remain loyal to the party and its values but there was no mention of Abela.

Abela is set to take his oath of office on Monday. He is seen as a candidate of continuity and did not criticise Muscat in the election run-up.