Bolt launches new environmentally-friendly electric scooters

Cleaner modes of transport are a way to mitigate emissions, in line with Malta's 2050 Low Carbon Development Strategy.

Miguela Xuereb

Speaking during the launch of a new environmentally-friendly service by transport company Bolt, Minister for the Environment Aaron Farrugia commended initiatives such as these from the private sector, describing it as an investment towards reducing the carbon footprint produced in our economic activity and in our consumption.   

“The responsibility to tackle climate change lies upon each and every one of us, be it the government or the private sector. This new service to provide electric scooters is valuable as it is conscious of the social and environmental responsibility and that I am certain will prove to be a best practice example for other private investors to shift towards more sustainable production patterns, also due to the fact that transport is one of the biggest causes of emissions in our country”, said the Minister.                        

Farrugia said that the government is committed to transitioning to a low carbon economy in line with sustainable development principles by 2050. This means mitigating emissions while continuing to generate economic growth, as our country is doing. Such a green transition is considered vital if we want to avoid climate change and the effects that come with it, he said.

“Being a service-based economy, transport emissions are the major source of emissions for Malta. Hence, the initiative to switch to cleaner modes of transportation in providing the service is considered a win-win. This is a best example of cost-effective measures to mitigate emissions that will certainly be considered within Malta’s low carbon development strategy. In this sense, Bolt is leading by example and this is certainly a commendable best practice and I encourage others from all different economic sectors to follow suit”, he concluded.