Board of experts appointed for specialised housing programmes

A new board of experts for specialised housing programmes chaired by Rachael Scicluna was announced the Parliamentary Secretariat for Social Accommodation on Tuesday.

In a statement the Secretariat explained that the board will be within the Housing Authority and its purpose would be to assist the work carried out by non-governmental organisations which were involved in housing projects. The assistance will come in the form funds as well as setting out best practice guidelines, among other assistance to help the NGOs in their work. The assistance will be given according to the priorities set by the board.

At present, the Secretariat explained, specialised housing programmes were already being implemented, and targeted individuals deemed vulnerable, such as individuals with mental health issues, former inmates, as well as individuals which required sheltered housing.

Parliamentary Secretary for Social Housing Roderick Galdes said that the Government was aiming at developing holistic housing problems to address the challenges at hand. He also explained that the appointed board and the allocated funds will also serve to incentive new initiatives. Galdes said that this initiative was a budgetary measure for 2019 and was in line with the Government’s vision in order to effectively help vulnerable individuals in our society.