BNF Bank puts employee wellbeing at the forefront and promotes mental health

BNF Bank recognises the critical importance of mental health at the workplace. The financial institution took part in the Richmond Foundation’ Standard Mental Health First Aid at the Workplace initiative.

Bank managers and supervisors as well as the HR team learnt how to assist a co-worker who might be developing a mental health problem or is experiencing a mental health crisis. The participants also learnt meant; health first aid skills aimed at adults.

The course based on international guidelines was developed using the consensus of mental health carers, professionals and sufferers from English-speaking countries. The 12-hour course tackles anxiety, depression, stress, panic attacks and substance use amongst others. It also informs the participants on how to handle situations.

Karl Dingli, Head of Corporate Services at BNF Bank said that unfortunately as it is, mental health issues are a reality. He also added that most people are not trained to recognise the signs mental health distress and this is why the bank is fostering an organisational culture of empathy and understanding.

The Bank received a Silver Certification from the Richmond Foundation and is now being recognised as an organisation that puts the employee’s wellbeing at the forefront, promotes mental health and encourages employees to respond to mental health issues at the workplace in an effective and efficient manner.

In tandem to this initiative, BNF Bank November’s Casual Friday also focused on mental health awareness by presenting the staff’s donations to Mount Carmel Hospital. The hospital’s social activities organising committee provides patients with alternative means of effective therapeutic interventions which will help them to integrate back into society.