BMIT Technologies supports Otters ASC swimming summer school

BMIT Technologies plc, the leading IT Solutions partner, once again supported Otters ASC’s initiative to teach swimming in Gozo.  For the sixth year running, the company is the main supporting partner of the BMIT Otters Swimming School, set up with the objective of promoting swimming and water polo to children. BMIT Technologies has been sponsoring the school since it started operating and is proud that this year over 150 children aged 5to 16 participated.

“Otters ASC’s commitment to this only swimming school in Gozo is truly admirable.  We are proud that we have the opportunity to support this initiative, which gives an opportunity to a large number of children to learn and also start enjoying swimming,” said Jack Mizzi, Chief Marketing Officer at BMIT Technologies, “It is also satisfying to see that some of the children that had joined the school a few years ago have now decided to start playing water polo, with very encouraging prospects.”

“The BMIT Otters Swimming School was a real game changer in Gozo.  We have been able to reach out and introduce swimming to a large number of children and allowing them to learn how to swim the proper way, all in a fun environment, and under the leadership of a team of qualified coaches.  Our plans are to continue building on this success, but it is of great satisfaction for my committee to know that we have made swimming a reality to over 700 children over these last years,” commented Enzo Dimech, President of Otters ASC.

Numerous studies recently have shown there are several educational benefits of swimming. At first swimming can be scary and challenging for young children, but it teaches them the value of taking on challenges. The programme shows that swimming isn’t just a valuable and fun exercise but also teaches children about proper water safety and helps them to take on the next stage of their educational journey. BMIT Technologies sees this as an analogy in their vision of overcoming business challenges through teamwork which is why both entities continue to team up in the organisation of this swimming summer school for children.

On Tuesday 6th August a special event was organised by BMIT Technologies for all the participants attending this school, and the company took the initiative to distribute goody bags to the young and aspiring swimmers.