Yorgen Fenech and Charles Mercieca: is this how things went?

    Charles Mercieca’s new role as Yorgen Fenech’s defence lawyer has raised eyebrows.

    And rightly so.

    Mercieca finished working at the AG”s office at 5 p.m on Tuesday 6 May.

    On Wednesday 7 May at 9 a.m. he was in the law courts defending Yorgen Fenech.

    This means one of two things.

    First: that Yorgen Fenech contacted Charles Mercieca at 5.30 p.m. on Tuesday evening, introduced himself to Mercieca and asked him to take up his defence.

    Then, he must have handed him the trial documentation and Charles Mercieca stayed up all night to study this documentation.

    Following his sleepless night, at 7a.m. on Wednesday morning Mercieca informed Yorgen Fenech that he was taking up his offer.

    A quick breakfast, a clean shave, a quick discussion on the phone with his new client to explain how he would be handling the trial proceedings and then, by 8.45 a.m., he was in the law courts.

    This would not have been possible three months ago because he would not have made it on time because of the traffic.

    But with the empty roads in Covid19 times, this is amply possible.

    That was the first scenario.

    But could a more probable second possibility exist: was Charles Mercieca in contact with Yorgen Fenech whilst he was still working at the AG’s office?

    If this were so, there can only be one outcome for Mercieca.

    The Zammit Tabona way.