Who will benefit from EU coronavirus recovery plan?

    One welcomes the objectives and thrust of the EU Recovery package, aimed at relaunching the European economy in the wake of the Covid 19 pandemic.

    The highlight of this package is the Recovery Fund. The proposal that a large percentage of the funding will be in grants is positive. Its integration into the Multiannual Financial Framework also makes sense.

    Still the question remains:

    Will the proposed rise of the GNI Own Resources ceiling be enough to cover the envisaged requirements?

    Some economic forecasts seem to make this quite doubtful.

    Then more crudely: Who will exactly benefit from the envisaged recovery plan? Will the multiple goals that are inbuilt into its proposed design skew benefits towards particular regions or sectors, at the expense of others?

    For instance: In response to Green Deal exigencies, significant resources will apply to the promotion of clean energy applications, like the creation of a million charging stations for electric cars. Naturally producers of the latter, mainly located in two member states, will benefit most from this.

    Care will have to be taken to ensure that the recovery plan, positive as it is, does not serve to widen instead of narrow existing divergences between different regions of the Union.

    Dr Alfred Sant is a PL MEP.