Vlog: My transport adventures continue… on a scooter

    You’ve probably gathered by now that I’m not the most ‘adventurous’ person in the world… but, ironically, I cannot resist a challenge.

    So, when I was offered the opportunity to take a course which would enable me to be able to drive a scooter, I immediately went for it. And then regretted it. And then got excited about it again. You get my drift.

    Talk about going out of my comfort zone!

    Although I know that I’ll probably never actually get down to purchasing a scooter, this course would enable me to use the Ioscoot Malta electric motorbikes found in various parts of Malta – another way to avoid using my car, which ultimately is my goal.

    In the video above, you can see the beginning of my ‘epic’ journey to become a scooter-driver. Plus, you get to see me looking funny in a helmet.

    IoScoot is an environmentally friendly and sustainable mobility solution that provides an easy-to-use service through electric motorbikes. IoScoot will initially be available in the area between St. Julian’s and Valletta, helping people to move around Malta easily without having a negative impact on the carbon footprint. Check out their website for more information.

    Filming: Miguela Xuereb

    Editing: Coryse Borg

    Music: bensound.com

    Special thanks to Malta Public Transport, Ioscoot Malta and Cycle World

    I also got to interview the lovely Iggy Fenech on a TD Plus bus recently. Click here to watch him steadfastly refuse to sing ‘Oops I did it again’ for me.