The situation is stable but is it under control?

    Miguela Xuereb

    Following the recent spate of numbers issued by the authorities on the Covid-19 situation, the two graphs attached give snapshots of the daily number of active cases and the daily number of new cases since the start of this month. (Note the different scales in the vertical axes.)

    Number of cases in November

    The situation seems rather stable, although the number of active cases has seen a slowly increasing trend. This number has not increased so much in the last few weeks because the wave of increase in new cases has also resulted in more recoveries. But, by the same token, we have seen more deaths and we could in future see more recovered cases suffering from “long Covid”.

    Number of Active cases in November

    Is the situation under control, that is, are health services close to a critical point, especially considering the likely increase in cases with the winter cold and the coming of Christmas gatherings? The promise of soon having an effective vaccine is becoming more likely. So we need to hang on a little bit more in order to ensure that these numbers remain stable or, better still, take a downwards dip, just in case not everything goes smoothly in the next few months.