The Party has Begun!

    Ready for an adventure? Here’s what I’ve been up to!

    This week is going to be a sort of “Part 2” to my last post about summer. I wrote about the weather, transferring food from the pantry into the fridge, and summer hours – to name a few. Those are all things done during the daylight hours. This time? It’s all about living it up at night!

    Where I lived in the States, it was quite difficult to go places without driving. Also, the surrounding businesses catered towards college students since there is a large university nearby. So, my experiences with “night life” were limited to meeting my coworkers at a restaurant after work for a drink and snack. It was a lot of fun winding down after a long shift, but I’ll admit it wasn’t exactly the most relaxing thing to do.

    Here in Malta, the night life is part of the culture (and not only on weekends!). I feel like the whole island wakes up and goes out, which makes sense given the cooler temperature. I see countless groups of people out and about, all with different dynamics. There are couples, friends in groups of varying sizes, and families with three generations walking together. It is common to take a walk after dinner and spend time together, discussing anything and everything. All of the amazing sea views and charming architecture add to this bonding experience. This walk also serves another purpose: to help with digesting dinner. In Europe, it is common to eat dinner later in the evening. After a delicious meal, some people go for a walk to help “move things along”. It makes for a fun and healthy activity.

    Walking isn’t the only thing to do. This is the season of festas (feasts), so you can see fireworks every night. No, seriously. It’s true! Each night celebrates a different saint, so I hear the explosion of fireworks echoing across the water. I can just look up where the display will be, and then take a bus. If you enjoy partying, Paceville is the place to be. During the day, it’s a fun place to go shopping and grab a bite to eat. As soon as the evening hours arrive, the clubs and bars open and the music gets turned up. There is always something to do.

    No matter what you decide to do in the evening, is it important to dress nicely. I don’t mean wear your best formal outfit, of course. But I have seen children and the elderly alike dressing up a little to enjoy their evenings out. Oh! And everyone is out late. When I say late, I mean late…like eleven o’ clock to midnight or even one. Fortunately, I am a person who loves staying up at night, so this lifestyle element is perfect for me!

    Back after my next adventure!