If you have nothing good to say, shut up

    Anyone who’s been following this blog knows that I never shy away from criticizing things or people. Indeed, I believe it is the duty of every person with a voice or public platform to call out wrongdoing and give constructive criticism. After all, opinions matter and, well, if we don’t stick up for one another, then we are all left struggling alone.

    Of course, I’m just a person with an opinion and I may not always be right, so much so that there have been many people whose opposing views have opened my eyes to different realities and made me understand that things aren’t always black and white…

    …But, my God, some people’s opinions are utter rubbish: I’m looking at you, Fr David Muscat.

    Exactly what makes you think that what you’re saying is remotely beneficial to anyone? How in the name of Job can you reconcile being a priest, ordained to guide and mentor and to preach the message of tolerance, love and turning the other cheek, when you are so intent on being publicly hateful?

    I don’t know if you can answer any of those questions, but I’ll give you a life lesson you clearly should have had drummed into you in your formative years: spite, cruelty and discriminatory remarks are not considered assets by most people. Hating on others for being foreign or having a foreign (or foreign-sounding) name, is xenophobic and ignorant. Promoting a political party that goes against the beliefs you vowed to uphold makes you a hypocrite. You are not better than anyone else, you are like the rest of us; the ‘them’ you seem to want to get rid of are people, just like you.

    Mutual respect and forbearance are what can make the world a better place, not Old Testament threats of fire and brimstone that, if I’m not mistaken, haven’t been entirely superseded in the last two millennia.

    So, to go back to my original point: you have a voice and you are using it, but you are using it wrongly and to the detriment of society. You have nothing to offer anyone outside the handful of people who are too hateful, or too scared, to realise that what is wrong with this world are people like you, and not people like ‘us’: the foreigners, the LGBTIQ+ community, the priests who treat others with love and dignity, or the liberals of various shades.

    So, please, if you have nothing good to say, shut up.