Glad you’ve finally seen the light. Well, sort of.

    Photo by Miguela Xuereb

    It’s finally happening: people from within the Labour Party are asking for the heads of some of those who have been bleeding us dry for years to roll; those who have conspired against the State and the people; those who sold off our hospitals, our power station and our public land and gained from it personally; those who created an environment where a journalist could be assassinated with impunity and then allegedly moved on to do so.

    But, wait a second. Why is it that so many people from within the highest echelons of the Labour Party are speaking out against all this now? Very little has changed over the past few weeks other than public sentiment. And, please, don’t give us the silly rhetoric that the facts have only just come out now. We may not have had the full facts, but it didn’t take genius or 20/20 vision to see that the government had long been trying to dissuade us from asking questions, to stop the authorities from conducting the proper investigations, and that even after Daphne Caruana Galizia’s assassination it continued to vilify her. What did y’all think they were doing this for? The kicks? The thrill?

    I feel like I’m being silly saying this, but clearly some people still need to hear it: politicians are more powerful than the average person, they can exert more force on the authorities investigating them, and they are better positioned to tamper with anything from evidence to the way the case is conducted. So, while people may be innocent until proven guilty, when it comes to politicians who are not only accused of being tarnished but who act the part to a tee, then it is our duty not to leave any stone unturned while not giving them any benefit of any doubt.

    But, alas, things are now at a head and much like the Labour Party’s slogan some six years ago – ‘B Cool, B Labour’ – it is now cool to call for Keith Schembri’s head and call for an independent inquiry. Well, truth is, you should have done this before. Your responsibility was and is towards the people, the law and the constitution; you chose your leader, your party, and yourselves instead. I doubt many of those calling for the perpetrators’ heads are doing so for reasons other than that they would like to survive this mess with some form of political mileage or, at the very least, some dignity. And, in my eyes, very few of you have any chance of redemption.

    History is a funny thing, particularly in Malta, where it is thwarted and twisted to serve those who are in power. But this time, it’s different: too much has happened, too much has been lost, and trust has irrevocably been broken. Yet you still tread with care for your own political safety by only calling out those who are easy to call out, like Keith Schembri today.

    So, if you really want to show us that you’ve changed, start calling out all the people who have played a part in this, even if it means losing votes or face, and that means the Attorney General, the Police Commissioner and Joseph Muscat at the very least