Enough is truly enough

    Miguela Xuereb

    I can’t help but quote Tony ‘I need to trim my nails’ Zarb’s immortal words as our country literally and swiftly descends deeper into the pitiful state this present Government and the Opposition have allowed to fester for far too long.

    Where are the resignations? Where are the arrests? Who from the Labour camp has an ounce of dignity and morality left? Who in the PN will tell Kirsty Debono and Hermann Schiavone to hit the road? And why are people – including the Speaker of the House – mad that protestors slammed their fists on a Ministerial car but not that the said Minister is taking the Mickey out of all of us?

    There are a million questions I could ask, but the reality is really rather simple: those in power are now scampering to save face and, for a few, a good stint in prison. Why else would King Joseph not have dismissed Konrad and Keith, with their Panama accounts and sleazy deals with an alleged murderer and confirmed crook? Who in their right mind would want to be associated with that if they had nothing to hide?

    And what is wrong with all the Labour Ministers? Why hasn’t anyone spoken out? In other countries, there would have been a mutiny. The perpetrators would have been toppled faster than they would have had time to organise yet another press conference to try and feed us more lies about how impunity is supposedly not ruling our land.

    Do you know what the problem with politics in this country is? Those in power are so maniacally attached to it that they would literally sell their mother to stay there. Do these people have no shame? Do they genuinely think that they are making the right choice by supporting the current regime? And, if there is nothing they can do, then why don’t they resign en masse? Clutching to power at all costs. That’s why.

    Does the Opposition genuinely think it has any moral or true power to stop any of this when it has its own people implicated in this scandal? Do you think anyone with two working brain cells believes that Kristy and Hermann met Yorgen Fenech to talk about a conference room? You don’t really need millions of euro in the bank or a sprawling business empire to know that people in that position have other people to do that sort of work. So what were they discussing? And why did they lie about it?

    What this country needs is a giant skip outside Parliament house, and a one-way ramp straight from the front door. And, while we’re at it, get the Police Commissioner in there too. And all the other people paid for from our taxes who continue to take the side of those who have sold our hospitals and our power station, lied to us about their dealings in our names, potentially conspired with the alleged murderer of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, and are all-round detrimental to our country and its reputation.

    And there is only one way out of it: to have a truly representative and proportional electoral system with a Parliament that holds Cabinet and the Prime Minister to account. Maybe the grip some have on our country, albeit with the blessing of a large chunk of the electorate, will someday be loosened… Lest it hangs us instead.