Digital Services Act report approved overwhelmingly

    Alex AGIUS SALIBA in the EP in Strasbourg

    MEPs voted with an overwhelming majority on my Report on the Digital Services Act.

    Members of the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee set out their demands on how digital services, including online platforms and marketplaces, should be regulated in a vote on Monday.

    For my work as a rapporteur on this Report, I was selected a few times by international media, such as Politico and the Parliament Magazine, as one of Brussels’ key players on digital issues.

    Addressing a press conference in the European Parliament, straight after the vote, I remarked that after months of negotiations, more than 1000 Amendments, and 56 pages of compromise text, I was glad to announce that we adopted with an overwhelming majority a strong and very progressive report on the Digital Services Act.

    We live in a digital world where digital services have become the new utilities of our time and their importance for our social and economic lives will only continue to grow.

    The Report is catching up with those new realities, and it is enforcing a unique, holistic, common approach built on trust, choice, and a high level of consumers, citizens, and SMEs protection.

    The Report proposes specific measures to tackle current shortcomings in the online environment in its DSA package due to be presented by the Commission at the end of the year. The principle of “what is illegal offline is also illegal online,” as well as the principles of consumer protection and user safety, should become “guiding principles” of the future digital services, the Report says.

    For the first time, we are introducing at EU level new concepts, such as Know your Business customer, ex-ante rules for the digital sectors, special responsibilities for online market places to guarantee the safety of our consumers, stricter rules on targeted advertising and AI mechanisms and a scope that will encompass companies established even outside the EU.

    The measures adopted in the Report, have at their core, the main objective of fostering competition and innovation of our European companies and providing a better and safer digital environment to our citizens and consumers when they use social media platforms like Facebook or when they use online market places like Amazon and eBay.