Decent people don’t let others drown | Iggy Fenech

    I can’t believe I live in a place and at a time in which I have to write an article about why men, women and children shouldn’t be left to drown at sea.

    I mean, honestly, what irks you so much about these people that makes you not give a flying fig whether they live or die?

    Is it having to share your bread and water with strangers? Is it their having a different set of cultural values? Is it the fear of meeting them and realising that maybe they’re not so different to you and your family? Is it all down to a lack of self-confidence and fear of the unknown? Or is it because they’re black?

    You really need to ask yourselves these questions, because all the other mumbo-jumbo excuses you tell yourself so you can sleep easy at night are just ridiculous.

    We don’t have space. Well, we have enough space for the multi-millionaires with dodgy backgrounds who can afford to buy our citizenships, and for the iGaming people who hail from northern Europe. We also welcome millions of tourists every year. So, it’s just for the poor and meek that we don’t have space, then…

    We don’t have enough resources. Then what about that infamous surplus you have all been going on and on about? And, before you even dare mention that our tax money should go to help Maltese people, just remember that our tax money has gone to fatten the pockets of crooked politicians who betrayed their country, their people and their oaths, and when a journalist dared to point that out, she was assassinated and many cheered.

    We’re in the middle of a pandemic. And so we are. And, yes, our resources may be limited. But please stop making it sound like this is 1813 and there are people dropping dead all around us. The situation, according to our Health Authorities, is being managed well. This isn’t about our resources (or lack thereof), this is a way for our politicians to flex their muscles and try to solve an issue many of you have been begging them to, even if it means innocent lives will perish.

    The European Union should help. Yes, it should. And Governments should work to solve the problem at the root. No one is saying that there isn’t a problem, but leaving people to die to prove a point is still not right. Honestly, has no one ever taught you that you should never trust people who use the vulnerable to show how strong or able they are?

    They will destroy our Christian values. Aside from the fact that many sub-Saharan Africans are Christians too, you’ve managed to destroy Christian values all by yourself: there is nothing more un-Christian than letting other humans drown out of sheer ignorance and greed.

    For the love of everything we hold dear, we can’t seriously spend our time debating whether people deserve to live or die.

    Stop all the nonsense and be human.

    P.S. Here are my answers to the comments that are sure to ensue.

    Why don’t you take them into your home? Why don’t you have a look at the mirror and call yourself a monster? Because that’s what you are if you don’t mind people drowning.

    Are you in a relationship with one of them? And what if I were? Your partner is in a relationship with you, so clearly there are worse things.