Conflicting prices of petrol in Malta by Enemed & European Commission

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    According to the European Commission’s Weekly Oil Bulletin, the consumer price of petrol, inclusive of duties and taxes, was 1.27 euro per litre on Monday, 24 February 2020.

    The European Commission obtains its prices from the National Statistics Office, based on the consumer prices given by Enemed Company Limited.

    Enemed has not published any changes in the price of petrol in Malta. So, if the European Commission prices are correct, Enemed is either misleading the European Commission, or it is robbing consumers the difference in price between 1.27 euro per litre and 1.41 euro per litre that it is currently charging consumers.

    It is possible that the European Commission is mixing its figures, because it has very strange prices for some other EU Member States.

    Which is the correct price of petrol in Malta? The one quoted by the European Commission or the one charged by Enemed?

    From where is Enemed procuring its petrol supplies?

    According to the same Weekly Oil Bulletin, Malta has the highest price for petrol net of duties and taxes. It is quoted as 52.689 cents per litre, when the EU 27 average is said to be 38.996 cents per litre!

    In Romania, the price of petrol net of duties and taxes is said to be 10.686 cents per litre. Why does Enemed not explore from where Romania is procuring its petrol supplies?

    There is no other EU Member State where the importation, storage and selling of petrol is done by the government, and where there is no competition.

    It is clear that the European Commission is asleep when it comes to competition in Malta, and in spite of European membership, Maltese consumers have nobody to protect them.