Charity begins @home

    Of course it does … and it continues elsewhere. Otherwise it is just a stupid cliché. Sorry for the tautology (saying of the same thing twice over in different words), but emphasis is a must.

    If charity begins at home … at least it must be done with those who live in the same house. This country we call home is a house to many, not just Maltese, not just stable citizens for generations. Malta has since time immemorial been on the cross ways of many. It has been the safe harbour for many. Our surnames indicate this, they are Italian, Spanish, Arab etc. Our complexions indicate this … believe it or not we are a mixed race.

    This country of ours is not “tal-Maltin biss” … if so, those who are not citizens what are they, our little slaves whom we treat as we wish? We use them because we do not want to do certain jobs, or feel it is below our standards. “Meta tieqaf taħleb” … leave? We live on this blessed island together.

    If charity begins at home … at least it must be real charity. Charity is a translation of caritas which simply means, love. Ignoring those mostly in need is not love, it is a power-bargain. What kind of charity is that if you ignore the most vulnerable in your home?

    Mind you … no this is not criticism; it is an accusation of racism and Pharisaic behaviour. The Maltese government governs our homeland and those that live therein. The sacred values we hold in times of wealth are not discounted in times of distress.