Are we closer to a victorious end?

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    This Christmas eve we can look back at our Covid-19 numbers with some degree of satisfaction. The epicurve, although still jittery, has remained within control and showing an overall downward

    The daily numbers of active cases are also exhibiting such a trend. Yes, there are downsides, like the increase in deaths, the apparent spreading out of the contagion to hit a wider range of ages, and, it seems, the number of hospitalised cases are still on the high side. But we have achieved this measure of success by non-pharmaceutical means: social distancing, masks and greater attention to hygiene.

    Now, as in the old Western movies, the cavalry is soon coming to what we hope is the rescue, in the form of the vaccine. But we must not allow the administration of the vaccine to let the situation slip through our fingers. Experts are saying that it could take some weeks for the vaccine’s immunity to kick in. And it will take much longer for a large enough proportion of the population to be vaccinated so that we achieve herd immunity. Therefore taking the vaccine does not mean that we can immediately throw away our masks and abandon all precautions.