A country run by man-children | Iggy Fenech

    Malta is now an utter mess: the laws, morality and responsibilities that should govern what we do are no longer being taken into consideration. Instead, with each passing day, a new chink appears in the already badly-damaged armour we have to protect us and our country’s democracy.

    Yet it’s not the people who are turning Malta into a lawless state (though most of us have certainly played a part), but those who are meant to be our leaders.

    It really shouldn’t have been possible for our country to go so far down this path, but by Jove do our politicians and caretakers want to watch this country burn.

    • We have an Attorney General defending himself against a memo he sent out to the police in 2016 which said, amongst other controversial things, that it would be ‘highly intrusive’ to seize evidence in their quest to investigate the Panama Papers. Yes, defending himself while still in office instead of resigning and apologising for, at best, misjudging the situation and leading to injustice.


    • We have a disgraced ex-Prime Minister who, indeed, disagrees with every report and every piece of evidence brought against him, including the fact that he breached parliamentary ethics when he accepted wine from Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder suspect, Yorgen Fenech. Because, you know, when you’ve been named ‘man of the year’ for corruption by the OCCRP, the fact that people think that there is something fishy about accepting that wine is deeply unfair.


    • We have Konrad Mizzi, who claims to have never seen the Vitals contracts now that the national auditor has said that Vitals should have been banned from even taking part because of ‘collusive behaviour’. Even if we were to believe that the former minister hadn’t seen these contracts, he is still in the wrong because if you are the Minister for Health and you’re not checking such contracts then that says a lot about your fitness for purpose.


    • And then we have the Opposition Leader, Adrian Delia, who continues to snake his way around things as our country inches further down the path to becoming a one-party state. He seemingly gets caught short about his correspondence with Yorgen Fenech although he tries to explain it away. He continues to win absolutely no votes for the PN, he sits down with ministers and parliamentary secretaries who continue to support a corrupt regime, and then he refuses to budge when his own peers tell him they don’t trust him and want him out. It’s become normal to claim that there’s a collective effort to discredit you when everyone and their mother is constantly telling you that they don’t trust you because of <insert a very valid reason here>… But, you know, it’s never down to the fact that you are not taking notice of the red flags.  

    In the meantime, as all this is going down, we continue to have politicians attacking each and every institution that is intended to safeguard democracy and the law. They attack newsrooms for doing their jobs while trying to force them to expose their sources, they attack auditors who confirm their wrongdoing, and they try to discredit anyone who goes against them by saying that they just want to put spokes in their wheels.

    Well, listen up. The allegations against you do not just tarnish your reputation, but also that of the office you hold. And that office is a billion times more important than your ego.

    As you continue to throw temper tantrums over your own mistakes, miscalculations and downright evil or stupid deeds, and continue to pretend to be medieval princes put there by birthright and God, what you are actually doing is eroding the little trust there is left in the way things are run in this country.

    You are temporary but the damage you are inflicting will be less so. But you know that, and you still don’t care, so we really need to ask ourselves: what are you all trying to hide?