5 other things PM Abela needs to find | Iggy Fenech

    The Prime Minister seems to have the ability to snap his fingers and get people to find things which had reportedly been lost. What a wonderful superpower to have. I mean, who else just says ‘the Vitals agreement has to be found by today’ and, Abracadabra!, it’s found. It’s just like magic.

    I sure wish I had that ability. As a child, even Saint Anthony, the patron saint for the recovery of lost items, let me down a couple of times when things were lost, but not Robert Abela. No, Robert Abela never disappoints. So, well, I’m hoping he makes use of his amazing abilities to help us find a few other things which we have lost along the way.

    Less Pollution – I’m not entirely sure this is actually something that ever existed, but people seem to make a lot of fuss about a time when they wouldn’t walk down a street and see twenty cranes turning Malta and Gozo into overpriced slums. They talk about times when there was more countryside, and cars still weren’t kings of the road. They also mention a time when their day’s soundtrack wasn’t made up of the tum-tum-tum of jackhammers. Oh, how I wish Robert Abela would help us find that time again.

    Political Stability – I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have to worry about what our politicians’ actions could mean for us on a daily basis. Nowadays, all I do is wonder if there will be a total collapse in *checks watch* the next two or three hours. Whatever happened to politicians just doing their job? To politicians holding each other accountable? To politicians not allegedly being implicated in the murders of journalists, in corruption scandals, in receiving kickbacks, in shootings conducted by their drivers? Ah, the fond memories. Robert Abela, could you bring that time back for us, please?

    Justice – And, you know, when things do go haywire, which sometimes happens because people are not always as good as they’d like to appear to be, then it would be nice for them to be brought to justice and not just asked politely if they would pretty please resign and take two days off while they wait for a new government job. Please, Sir, can you bring this back, too?

    Common Sense – Is this another myth? I don’t think anyone knows anymore. But it would be nice to have people see sense and realise when things are not right. Oh, and for them to realise that a promised leader who didn’t turn out to be as great as the people wanted him or her to be means that change is needed. It would also be nice for people to see what’s right in front of their eyes, and for them to get four when they put two and two together as opposed to ‘Dejjem warajk’. Please, Prime Minister, help us rediscover this.

    The Will to Live – Ah, my most prized possession. Stolen bit by bit by a million and one headlines on events that completely baffle the senses. I really want it back but I’m so tired that I have no idea where to even start looking. Do you have the key to that wonderful world, Prime Minister?