Blockchain firm moves into new Gozo tech hub

DOI: Omar Camillieri

Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat has encouraged a block-chain firm to use Maltese and Gozitan companies as test-beds for innovating skills and talent.

The PM made the comments at the opening of new offices for Noovle, a Google Cloud Premium Partner which offers services and solutions to its clients using cloud and Blockchain formats.

The introduction of the new company forms part of the government’s moves to increase investment in Gozo and to make the island a, ‘place to do business smartly’.

Noovle will be the first company approved by Malta Enterprise to be housed in Gozo’s Innovation Hub which is being developed by Malta Industrial Parks at the former MDP plant.

It is understood that the project, which will cost around €650,000, and will lead to the creation a research centre to support the technological development of Malta and of the companies with regard to cloud, hybrid cloud, machine learning and blockchain and ICO processes.

Muscat said the, ‘investment fits four-square into Malta’s vision of taking Malta and Gozo to the next level and becoming the islands of innovation, where ideas are born, tried, tested and then shared globally.’