Blindness ‘spares me from seeing ugly buildings,’ MP muses


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Nationalist MP Kevin Cutajar was scathing in his assessment of urban planning in Malta as Parliament debated the financial estimates of the Planning Authority on Monday evening.

Cutajar said that the Strategic Plan for the Environment and Development should have translated into a better quality of life, but it was evident that it had failed to strike the balance it was meant to achieve. He then even went on to state that he was almost grateful that he was unable to personally witness what has happened.

“At times I am almost thankful that I am blind,” the MP said, “as I am spared from seeing all the ugliness that has been built in the last few years.”

The Gozitan MP insisted that striking a balance in development was sorely needed.

“If we don’t reach this balance, we will all pay the price,” he said. “We will pay the price when it comes to our environment, our economy, our society, our quality of life; across the board.”

As he wound up debate, Environment Minister Aaron Farrugia agreed that ugly buildings were a reality, but insisted – in reaction to Cutajar and all other PN MPs – that they should not simply criticise, but present proposals.

He also said that much of the blame lay with past PN governments, stating that the impact of the 2006 “rationalisation” exercise was still being felt.