Bjorn back in hospital feeling worse than before

Facebook - Bjorn Formosa

Bjorn Formosa announced on Facebook that he was back to hospital only 21 days after a crucial operation. In his post he said that he was feeling worse than before. Bjorn called on the people to donate generously on Friday 19 October to the ALS cause, saying that he would not want his passing away to be a sacrifice in vain.

Formosa said that he was feeling breathless, had fever and was feeling dizzy. He said that while before it felt his mask used to do miracles, he now feels that his journey to death had been accelerated.

He also said that his wife Maria, deserves the best from this world saying that he felt terrible that she had to endure all this with him.

Things are not really working out as expected after the operation. 21 days after, I am back into hospital feeling worse…

Posted by Bjorn Formosa on Monday, September 24, 2018

Formosa was diagnosed with ALS in August 2015. Since then he has been campaigning for those ALS sufferers culminating in the opening of a specialized nursing home for ALS patients in November 2017. The fundraiser scheduled for October aims to raise funds to open a bigger Dar Bjorn.