Bishop Grech on the misery of a bustling life

On the vigil of the Easter of the Assumption Bishop Mario Grech talked on how a bustling life creates misery.

He said that life is like chocolate the more you eat of it the more you keep craving it.

Bishop Grech elaborated by saying life has become a frantic race to reach delusions which we think will make us happy but just makes us feel forlorn.

He talked about how the current economy is soaring yet poverty rates are also on the increase. The boom in the entertainment industry is leaving a number of ramifications and there is an increased dependency on depression, anxiety and stress remedies.

He also said that many would think that society is actually asking what fulfills the heart and that society is making the wrong choices and because its in need of and seeking rest.

He also mentioned Saint Augustine and how he had sought and made various experiences  but he only found happiness in God because as he said it is only in God that the human heart rests.

Finally, the Bishop ended by saying that Our Lady also waited in earnest for the moment she would see God and reposed after her pilgrimage of faith to find God.