Let’s continue God’s revolution – Bishop Grech

Gozo Bishop Mario Grech has asked for the continuation of great revolution which God initiated in Nazareth and with which a new era for humanity had begun.

The Bishop of Gozo was delivering a homily to the participants in the Diocesan Pilgrimage to the Holy Land in the Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth.

The Bishop said that in Jewish ecclesiastic communities in Jesus’s days on Earth, some worshipped God only formally, their belief not being a heartfelt one. He explained that through the years, the set of laws that God presented Moses with were inundated by man-made customs and regulations. As a consequence of this, religion lost its authenticity and became a human endeavour.

“No one is excluded from God’s love” 

Bishop Grech said that no one should feel left out of God’s love. No one should feel he is not good enough for God to relate to him. The Bishop said that he realises that
God’s criteria are very different from humans’ criteria.

The message of happiness that one finds in the Gospel, said Bishop Grech, is like a
balm for humanity, and God gives us a motive not to despair, but strengthen our hope. Bishop Grech said that this is the revolution humanity needs today. There are several other things which make us heavy-hearted, but we need to bear in mind what God said to Mary: “Rejoice, for you have found favour with God”.

Bishop Grech said that one should not only rely on one’s own competence and intelligence, but has to trust in God and work with God. “We shouldn’t force ourselves into God’s project; rather we have to wait for God to call us to join his plan”, he said.