Bishop Galea Curmi defends the ‘new abandoned’

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The unborn who developed some defect, the hospitalized whom no one visits, people living in solitude, those of a different race or colour are for Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Galea-Curmi the persons whom contemporary society considers to be the ‘new abandoned’. The Church defends these people, said the Bishop.

Bishop Galea Curmi was delivering his homily on the feast of Our Lady of the Abandoned celebrated in a chapel in Wardija.

‘Respect the unborn’

Mgr Galea Curmi said that the proposal for the introduction of  preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) will create a new class of the ‘abandoned’. This proposal, said the bishop, means that the unborn are diagnosed and if a defect is detected  then the unborn will be abandoned.

It is ironical, said Galea Curmi, that this is being proposed by some of those who promised to defend human life. How can a person promise to defend life and then is set to dispose of it when it is most vulnerable as if it was some kind of waste just because it does not fulfil one’s subjective criteria, asked the bishop.

“Skin colour makes no difference”

The Auxiliary Bishop also referred to another type of abandonment, precisely the abandonment of people because of their colour or race. He said that this attitude can side-line these people as second-class citizens or even sometimes consider them as they belong to no class at all. He added that Christians believe that humans are created in God’s image and this bestows dignity on every human. He said that for the Church makes no difference whether a person is white or dark or whether they come from Europe, Africa or any other continent.

“Visit the lonely”

Mgr. Galea Curmi explained that there are many people who live alone and ended up abandoned and nobody gives them any attention. He said there are people in hospital whom nobody, not even relatives, visits. He praised those belonging to Church networks who go to hospital to visit those who are alone, to listen to their needs and help them. He also mentioned that there are people not only living alone but feel very lonely and need someone with whom to open up to.