Birkirkara needs fewer cars – AD local council candidate

Alternattiva Demokratika’s candidate for Birkirkara Local Council is calling for the implementation of the means to reduce cars on roads.

Anna Azzopardi says that the locality, ‘is crying out for the implementation of the national transport strategy which aims for a decrease in cars on the road.’

She adds that Birkirkara like neighbouring localities, ‘is under siege because of overdevelopment, indeed Birkirkara is one huge mass of buildings with unclear boundaries.’

For this reason, Azzopardi says that the local councils should be working together to reduce traffic flows and this would come with a better organized system of transport for Birkirkara, Mosta, Naxxar, Msida, Ħ’Attard, Ħal Balzan and Ħal Lija.

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She adds this will also have the benefit of improving air quality across the region.

AD’s Chairperson Carmel Cacopardo contributed by pointing out the issue of flooding in Birkirkara and its connection with traffic reduction.

Cacopardo explained that this was connected to the poor enforcement of well sizes. He added that there was a need for more pedestrian zones in the locality that, ‘give back roads to people, and discourage through traffic’