BirdLife Malta warns government on breaches to EU law

BirdLife Malta in a statement expressed its belief that the conservation and protection of wild birds, biodiversity and the natural environment should remain under the responsibility of the Environment Ministry.

The NGO has already shared its concerns, with the government, on the way forward which is in line with Malta’s European and international obligations and responsibilities.

BirdLife Malta warned the newly elected Government Cabinet that Malta as an EU country has various obligations and commitments to adhere to, including the European Birds and Habitats Directives along with European Court judgements and open Infringement Proceedings. Breaches of these obligations would be unjustified and irresponsible.

Another concern is the need to avoid having biased persons as either advisors or officials within units or departments that aim to protect the natural flora and fauna of our country.

In a press statement BirdLife Malta CEO Mark Sultana reiterated that “now more than ever, the people of Malta and Gozo are voicing the need to protect the environment and to allow everyone to enjoy it without destroying it, killing it or spoiling the opportunities of others to enjoy it. BirdLife Malta has worked for this aim for 58 years and we are willing to continue to collaborate with all stakeholders for the benefit of the common good”

Another concern for Birdlife Malta is that the government needs to make sure that protected areas biodiversity are given priority and no more areas should be designated as hunting sanctuaries. Our society already allows thousands of hunters the privilege to roam all over the countryside including in Natura 2000 sites, said Birdlife Malta.