BirdLife Malta angry at the rampant illegal hunting despite country’s situation


BirdLife Malta expressed its disappointment and anger at the reality that rampant illegal hunting and trapping is still taking place, despite the fact that this year’s spring hunting  season will not be opened.

In a statement, BirdLife Malta reported the incidents of illegal hunting and trapping incidents that they are contending with on a daily basis. These incidents are being communicated to the Administrative Law Enforcement (ALE) and there are cases where police action is being taken. However, there are many others where police action, for obvious reasons at present, is not possible.

“It is a pity,” BirdLife Malta stated “that a number of birds migrating to Europe to breed are being killed or caught in Malta.” In view of this, they call for “more responsibility to be shown in this delicate time when the country’s resources are being shifted to manage the Coronavirus pandemic, with very little available for wildlife crime enforcement.

Finally BirdLife Malta expressed their gratitude for those who are working to address the present situation, including the Government, the health authorities, and army and police personnel, in particular the ALE section.

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