Better links with island states secure EU funding for Gozo – MEP

Plenary session week 43 2014 in Strasbourg - European Semester for economic policy coordination: implementation of 2014 priorities

MEP Alfred Sant has emphasized that in order for Gozo to receive EU funding, there needs to be cross border initiatives with other island groups in EU member states.

Currently, EU procedures followed by the European Commission for seeking new investment ideas are very strict, but they currently are not tailored to fit island states like Malta and Gozo, Dr Sant explained.

Dr Sant shared these points while addressing the Gozo Business Chamber over ways to help promote the interests of the GBC in the EU.

The GBC are keen on finding ways to bring new business opportunities to small islands in the EU and in working with other island based business groups to do this.

“Extra focus should therefore be given to ensure that some projects that make sense for Gozo really get the right backing”, Sant explained.