Bernard Grech with a message of hope for the New Year


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

“Let us look forward to spring after this cold winter we are experiencing at this moment in our history and when the storm stops, and the dark clouds pass and the winds calm down and the sun shines again, we will leave our homes where we have been locked and will rejoice and celebrate”, said Dr Bernard Grech, PN leader in his reflection for the coming New Year.

In his message, Dr Grech thanked all the workers, that continued to provide essential services during the pandemic. He thanked the frontliners that have been working tirelessly to control the spread of the virus.

Bernard Grech praised the work done by educators and journalists who continued providing services to society no withstanding the difficulties a pandemic brings.

The PN leader said that next year is a new beginning for the world, Malta included. He said that this was a lesson for all. He appealed for sound infrastructures that will be able to cater to our educational and social needs. While reviving the economy needs to come with enough flexibility to assure continuity of productivity said Grech.

Dr Bernard Grech remembered the difficulties we faced as a nation in past months. “This pandemic affected not only those who passed away, but it also affected those that got sick with the virus, their relatives, those thousands that had to self-isolate, either due to mandatory quarantine or voluntary. In a way or another everyone was affected, some were minimal while others more drastic” the PN leader remarked.

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Watch: Christmas is a feast which symbolises common good – Grech