Bernard Grech to publish due diligence report once finalised

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

PN Leader hopeful Bernard Grech will be publishing his due diligence report which is being prepared by three auditors appointed by the Nationalist Party.

During an interview on Net FM, the PN’s radio station, Grech said that good governance is not just a buzzword, and must be exercised on a personal basis. He stated that, therefore, as soon as he receives the due diligence report from the committee that is analyzing the candidates, he would be publishing it as he “has nothing to hide.”

Current PN Leader Adrian Delia noted that he had been insisting that he will be publishing his own report “from day one”.

Grech also discussed the presence of an allegation being made against him, made by those who want to run a negative campaign and from people who want to cast bad doubts about him. Therefore, he continued, people have a right to know the truth whether it is good or bad,  and through the report, they will be able to do so.

PN’s executive had agreed for a due diligence test:
Delia insists on due diligence as PN executive agrees on procedure

“Second stage of due diligence test not yet finalised” – PN

The PN Candidates Commission said the candidate report is not yet complete. This comes despite Candidate Commission Chairman Colin Bowman being quoted as saying that both party leader candidates, being Bernard Grech and Adrian Delia, are fit to lead.

In a statement issued by Bowman, he remarked that he was misinterpreted because he said that according to the statute of the PN, the work is linked to two points – the first being the suitability of persons who show interest as defined in the same statute as being “A person with integrity and an honest personal character, whose sole motivation is to be at the service of the people and for their common good and competent”, and the second being that the person has fulfilled the exercise of approved diligence.

The Commission first met in separate meetings with the two persons who expressed an interest and were asked a number of questions which the members felt were relevant. This stage is now closed.

For the second stage, the Commission appointed three experts, being Dr Clyde La Rosa, Mr Mario P. Galea and Mr Antonio Ghirlando. The Commission was informed that further information had recently been requested from Delia and Grech and, therefore, their report was not yet complete.