Benchmark PN proposals show direction for change – Delia

Updated 05:51 PM

The President should have the authority to decide whether he should intervene in an effective manner when the Prime Minister’s position is in question. This was, said Delia, a basic tenet to the Nationalist Party’s good governance proposals.

Addressing a political activity at the Birkirkara PN club, Opposition and Party Leader Adrian Delia said that without functioning democratic and independent institutions there could be no rule of law.

Delia said that these proposals are the blueprint to restore Malta’s integrity, democracy and institutions. “Through the benchmark published by PN, we are showing the country what needs to change to ensure that what happened will not occur again. We want to provide Malta with integrity, seriousness, and democracy” said Delia.

Delia insisted that the constitution should be the document which protects the citizens, especially when institutions and governments fail. Therefore, the country needs to ensure that the constitution allows the President more elbow room in times of crisis.

The pillars of democracy

Delia explained how physically, a country requires things such as roads, energy and hospitals. However, for the political system to work efficiently, it requires the pillars of democracy. He added that without them, everything would crumble.

The Leader of the Opposition emphasized that the Police Commissioner should shoulder responsibility and resign immediately. He described the Commissioner as the man who betrayed and failed all the Maltese citizens.

Additionally, Delia insisted that the Parliament backbenchers are there to criticize and stop the Government from making hasty decisions. Delia said that instead, they were paid to stay silent.

A judiciary system which has been abducted

The PN Leader blatantly stated that the judiciary system has been abducted by politicians, “as was proved in articles from several media agencies.”

He was referring to developments which suggested that some judicial decisions were taken with a political incentive.

Delia also reminded the audience that although the members of the AFM and the Police Force are there to serve the country, “the person that rules them is not.” He insisted that promotions in the Armed Forces are being made in an arbitrary manner.

Updated: Attorney General reacts

The Attorney General referred to Delia’s statement where he was described as “an accomplice with a criminal group which hijacked the country”. The AG said that this statement refers to the pending court case where Delia is requesting a full copy of the Egrant Inquiry. The AG said that “…level of hostility of such language is totally inappropriate in civilized debate, let alone when referring to the subject matter of a pending court case”.