Watch: Bedingfield insists PN politicians need to come clean on Yorgen Fenech links

Government whip Glenn Bedingfield challenged Nationalist MPs and politicians to come clean about their links with Daphne Caruana Galizia murder suspect Yorgen Fenech in a highly-charged adjournment speech on Wednesday evening.

Bedingfield decried what he described as the hypocrisy of the PN, stating it was easy for them to make insinuations about Labour MP’s own links to Fenech while overlooking their own.

These were, in turn, triggered by a tweet by Caruana Galizia’s son Paul, who claimed that a junior minister had an affair with Fenech while a minister was in constant contact with him, after his role in the murder was known.

Though he declined to name anyone directly, Bedingfield claimed that a PN MP owned a company by the name of Hummingbird Properties Ltd, stating that this company had signed an agreement with Fenech.

He also questioned which MP lawyer was providing – “to this day” – legal services to companies in which Fenech had a direct or indirect interest in. He made a similar claim with respect to a lawyer who was being given prominence by the PN, who had recently been appointed to head one of its policy clusters.

The government whip also claimed that until recently, a PN MP would beg Fenech for freebies, including a free room at the Hilton or free admission to its swimming pool.

“He insults us here, only to go beg for a free room, or to obtain a birthday meal with a free overnight stay,” he said.

Bedingfield also said that PN leader Adrian Delia’s denial that the party accepted a bribe from Fenech to thwart the re-election of MEP David Casa was unconvincing. But he added that instead of focusing on this matter, he preferred to advise Delia to question his MPs over their ties to Fenech.