Beat the boredom with Malta Girl Guides’ Quarantine Challenge


The Malta Girl Guides has launched a challenge that will see children and people of all ages, who are currently staying at home, participating in different activities to help beat the boredom of staying indoors during these difficult times.

Entitled, the Malta Girl Guides Quarantine Challenge, or better yet, #mggquarantinechallenge, this challenge consists of a challenge launched every 2 days. All challenges will be launched via MGG’s official facebook page and after completing the challenges, each participant will share their work online via social media, always tagging the Associations’ page as well as the two hashtags #mggquarantinechallenge and #beattheboredom.

In less than 24 hours, it has picked up participants from all over Malta and Gozo, as well as internationally, with participants from The USA, Sweden, the UK and Australia all joining in the fun. Over 700 people filled in the form to participate.

The first challenge (creating a model of the coronavirus) was posted on Sunday 15th March 2020 and many have already been sharing the results of their masterpieces. It is interesting to note that for each and every challenge, there will be no need to leave the safety of one’s home, as that is the message that we would currently wish to convey as an association. Parents or Guardians with children who are not yet on social media can share the challenges from their own profile on Facebook or Instagram.

In the end, all participants will be in the chance to earn their very own #mggquarantinechallenge badge for taking part, which we are sure, this will serve as a lifetime memory of the time the world united in the battle against this virus.

You may access the application form here.

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