Beat loneliness with a phone call says Archbishop Scicluna

Updated 06:31 PM

Caritas Christmas meal announced

Archbishop Charles Scicluna encouraged families to invite people who were alone to share in some ways the joys of Christmas. Speaking at the launch of this year’s annual Christmas Lunch initiative by Caritas where, annually, over 650 persons attend, Archbishop Scicluna said that the church, this year ‘feels orphaned’. This, he said was due to the lack of possibility of organising this Christmas meal for people who are alone, mainly due to the Covid-19 restrictions. He said that while the Church this year was deprived of the opportunity to participate in the joy and fun normally generated by this gathering. The Archbishop said that given that this meal was out of the question, we should all try to perform ‘little acts of love’ towards each other and use technology to communicate as widely as possible.

The Christmas Day meal is organized by Caritas and supported by the Archdiocese and is aimed at those people who are alone on Christmas day, feel the need for company or who do not have the money to prepare a Christmas meal.

Food and phones

Caritas Director Anthony Gatt thanked Archbishop Scicluna for hosting the event at the Curia. However, the meal, this year, will have a different format due to the coronavirus pandemic. On Christmas Day, Caritas will set up telephone lines so that those who feel alone can call and talk to someone who can help. The lines will be open between il-11am and 2pm.

In addition, through social workers, several parishes will help people including elderly who will benefit from a Christmas meal because they do not have the means financial or physical to prepare the meal.  The meals will be delivered to their doors. Julian Sammut on behalf of the Alf Mizzi Foundation explained how this meal will be prepared thanks to the cooperation of the company Alf Mizzi & Sons which has supported the initiative every year.

Albert Debono, the Head of the Diaconia Unit within Caritas Malta, explained more about this to