Be loyal to the country not to a political party exhorts Archbishop

Quddiesa fil-206 anniversarju mit-twaqqif tal-Korp tal-Pulizija ta' Malta - 10/07/20Aktar ritratti hawn:

Your oath of office is one of loyalty to the Republic not to a political party warned Archbishop Charles J Scicluna as he celebrated Mass on the occasion of the 206th anniversary of the foundation of the Police Corps. The Police are servants of the republic and no other power, however high and mighty or violent that may be.

“Investigate swiftlly”

Archbishop Scicluna opened his homily with a reference to the Gospel where Christ used animals as an analogy to illustrate His intent: the sheep, the wolves, the snakes and the doves. He said that when the police corps tries to solve crimes expeditiously, without fear or favour where there is reasonable suspicion, it would be facing wolves. He said that in these circumstances, the police need to posses the craftiness of snakes to be able to navigate in the perilous situations.

The Archbishop added that the police corps is sometimes caught unawares, perhaps because it would not be prepared to adapt itself to new and evolving types of criminal activity. He said that preparation is born of wisdom and it is the duty of the force to be prepared and not to fold its arms and wait for the snow to melt.

Code of Ethics

Referring to the purity of the doves, Archbishop Scicluna said that this is analogous to the oath of office sworn by the police and their unblemished loyalty to the Republic they serve. To the citizen, said the Archbishop, the police are the denizens who ensure that no one is above the law. He spoke of the Code of Ethics which governs the Police Force. He said that while he was pleased that ethics was part of the police officers’ training, the most recent edition he could find seems dated to 2002. He advised that this tome is dusted off the shelves and referred to to assess if the very valid principles contained within it are being rigourously implemented. He warned that the wisdom and the uprightness of the police force rely on the level of commitment in implementing this code of ethics.