Be an example and resign Repubblika tells Minister Bonnici

Members of the rule of law NGO, Repubblika reiterated their demand for the resignation of Minister Owen Bonnici. In a press conference on Monday, Repubblika questioned how Minister Bonnici can set an example to society and future generations if he retains his position in spite of a constitutional ruling against him. On Thursday last week, a court’s decision found that Owen Bonnici, as Minister for Justice personally breached the fundamental human right to freedom of expression for ordering the public cleaning over the removal of the makeshift memorial to slain journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia.

In front of the Ministry for Education, now in the portfolio of Minister Bonnici, the NGO Repubblika asked: “How is it possible for the Minister to set an example for the students? if you want politicians to be accountable for their actions means that you are a state’s enemy? if you do not agree a government’s decision then you’ll be censored every day by the Justice Minister?”

Miguela Xuereb

Repubblika also stated that the message that Minister Bonnici is conveying to society is that as long as the party enjoys the majority of the public’s support through votes than he cannot be bothered with the minority. Repubblika added that until justice prevails, the minority wants to remember the assassination of a journalist.

In a comment to Alessandra Dee Crespo said that in the same way, he demanded the resignation of another Minister, referring to Justyne Caruana, he should sack Minister Bonnici too.

Above all, said Repubblika, the lack of action against Bonnici from Prime Minister Robert Abela leads to the conclusion that Malta is living in a state where, if a Minister deprives people of their right to freedom of expression, it is a non-issue.