Bars and social clubs will remain closed – Prime Minister

Updated 11:57 AM

Government should introduce schemes with immediate effect - PN

Prime Minister Robert Abela announced that bars and social clubs (Każini) will remain closed after 1st December.   

This was announced during a Press Conference held earlier today.  

The government had decided on clubs and bars should be closed till December 1 as a result of the increase in the number of persons infected by Covid-19.  

The increase of Covid-19 cases registered in recent days has led the Government to extend this measure after 1st December.  

Prime Minister Abela said that opening bars and social clubs at this stage would be too big a risk considering the situation. The decision was taken after consultation with professionals earlier this week.  

Robert Abela promised that Government will offer support to businesses hit with these measures. 

Government should introduce schemes with immediate effect – PN

In a statement the Partit Nazzjonalista, declared that restaurants will be forced to lay off their staff is the Government doesn’t extend the wage supplement scheme with immediate effect.  

Nationalist Party MPs Herman Schiavone, Kirsty Debono and Edwin Vassallo where reacting to the Middle Market Barometer study by PwC Malta. The study shows that half of the business, mostly restaurants will have to reduce their members of staff if assistance is not provided.  

With the extension of the legal notice to prevent bars from opening for business the need for assistance increased, the MPs noted. 

‘Government should introduce the measures announced in the budget with immediate effect’ the PN representatives concluded.