Banking sector organising an anti-money-laundering conference

Two major banking organisations, the Malta Bankers Association and the ARQ group will be organising a conference on money laundering. This initiative is being taken in repose to tue MONEYVAL report on Malta which was published late in 2019. The conference will also deal with derisking and the financing of terrorism. The issue of correspondent relationships will also be part of the conference.

The conference will be themed ‘Anti-Money Laundering (AML) & Financial Crime Conference’ and will focus on the latest developments in the fight against financial crime particularly money laundering and criminal financing of terrorism. The main speakers will include the deputy head of MONEYVAL Richard Walker and the minister for finance Prof Edward Scicluna.  The President of the Malta Bankers Association Marcel Cassar emphasised the need to keep Malta’s reputation pristine as this is crucial in the fight against financial crime. Dr Manfred Galdes, Managing Partner at ARQ said that the fight against financial crime is a strategic priority in any jurisdiction.