Balluta Bay closes temporarily

Guido Dalli

Balluta bay has been temporarily closed following a lack of sand due to bad weather, according to the Government.

In a joint press release, the Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) and the Ministry of Tourism said that they have been observing changes in the beach on a daily basis. In August, Balluta Bay in Saint Julians was nourished by supplying the beach with sand. The Minister for Tourism Konrad Mizzi said that the bay was extended by 20 meters, so that it can take more people in. According to Times of Malta, this project cost more than €100,000.

Both MTA and the Ministry said that this project was of an experimental nature, purposely designed to study the way such temporarily nourished beaches react in Summer and storm conditions. Information will keep on being collected in the following months. According to the Government, the beach will be supplied with sand once again to fill in the void left due to bad weather.