Bail for DeGiorgio brothers gets revoked

Judge Edwina Grima overwrote Magistrate Joe Mifsud’s decision to grant bail to the DeGiorgio brothers in the money laundering case. The two men are still in jail as they are also accused of the assassination of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Alfred DeGiorgio known as Il-Fulu and George DeGiorgio known as iċ-Ċiniż as well as George DeGiorgio’s companion Anca Adelina Pop are being accused of money laundering.

The Office of the Attorney General appealed to Magistrate Mifsud’s decision earlier this week because there were not enough guarantees that the brothers would not break the law once again.

Judge Edwina Grima praised Magistrate Mifsud’s argument that one is considered innocent until proven guilty however, she stressed that the court should base its decision to free an accused on Article 575 of the Criminal Code. In its appeal, the Office of the Attorney General argued that such criterion have not been met. Judge Grima said that whilst these are two different cases, the accused in both are the same two individuals.